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September 2, 2015

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How I Became A Full-Time Blogger

I’ve always been the type of person to play it safe.  I went to college and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering, then fell into a comfortable position as a structural engineer in New York City. Although I was good at my job, adored my coworkers, and earned a steady, competitive salary, I still felt that something was missing.  The thing is, I’ve always had a creative side with an innate interest in fashion and photography.  It was an interest of mine that I never got to cultivate…and then “the blog” happened.

In September 2011 out of pure boredom and curiosity I created my very first Tumblr account. Outside of Facebook I was a total internet newbie. Trying to explain a blog to me was like trying to teach your grandparents how to use an iPhone. All I knew was that a group of my friends used their Tumblr as a journal to comically chronicle their daily outfits via iPhone mirror selfies and that I wanted to join the fun.  At last, a place where I could showcase my personal style outside the confines of “casual Fridays”!

After a few weeks of maintaining a steady stream of new outfit photos on my Tumblr blog, I amassed a sizable audience.  Aside from inspiring myself to stay creative, I now had an audience to inspire, share, and engage with. Then I put in work! I began shooting photos with my DSLR that had previously only been used for vacation photos. I bought a domain name. I built out a new site. I’d go to work, blog, repeat. Along the way I made friends, went to fashion shows and had amazing opportunities to travel and do things I thought were out of reach for someone with no background in fashion or photography.  I continued this way for 3 years working what was basically 2 jobs at once before I made the boldest decision of my adult life.

In June of this year I took a leap of faith and left my safe, secure, and salaried job as an engineer to pursue my blog full time. As nerve-racking as this was, I was prepared. I had been priming myself for this move for what seems like forever and now I get the rewarding experience of challenging myself creatively every day.

As I celebrate the 4th year of my blog this month, I’ve teamed up with Indeed to share this personal story with you in the hopes that it will motivate and inspire you to start looking for your next dream job.  Whether you’re starting out with your first job, looking to advance in your current field, or considering a career change, let Indeed be your guide.  You can choose from thousands of nationwide job listings uploaded to their site each day or upload your resume to let employers find you.  Whatever you need, Indeed.com is the perfect partner for job seekers like you.

#IWorkFor Creative Freedom. What do you work for? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclosure: A #IWorkFor moment created in partnership with Indeed.


  • James Brown

    This is really inspiring Anthonio! Congratulations on successfully making the leap dude.


  • Rui Torres Figueiredo


  • Catching up on you (and your LEWKS) and just wanted to say congrats. You go, bb! Miss you and hope to see you sometime in then near future 🙂 xxxx

    • YASSSS thanks girllll! love that you said LEWKS, too, tbh. Miss you too keep doing your thang. A vegas reunion is most necessary!

  • dave hendrik

    wow, kudos to your bold move embracing the passion! i just came across your web and enjoys reading them! your story inspire!greetings from Jakarta!

  • Albert Wijaya

    Thanks for sharing your story! Such a great inspirations! xx

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
    Palming Pebbles FB

  • Wow what an inspiration! I’m also a civil engineer in NYC, but my long hours have put an almost year long hold on writing on my blog 🙁 maybe this is the boost I need to get going on it again!

    • Believe me, I know what it’s like! I used to work long days then come straight home and begin working on my blog. Stay motivated!

  • Brandon Hayden

    Do you have a manager? Or have you been doing this all by yourself? If you do have some kind of management, how you find them? Thanks 🙂

    • I don’t have a manager. I chose to do things on my own for now.

  • Shamir

    How did you manage to get a sizeable audience? hashtags? Sharing your profile? I’m trying to figure out how people get so many people from not hash tagging.

    • I just focused on creating steady, original content and engaging with my followers. Over time people took notice and the word spread.