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holiday hairstyle for men with roagaine
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Holiday Hairstyling For Men

Home For The Holidays With A Fresh Hairstyle We’re finally down to the homestretch towards Christmas so that probably means you’re making preparations to head home and see your family.  Aside from buying gifts and packing your bags, most guys often get a holiday…

December 18, 2017
hostel vs hotel in reykjavik iceland with hostelworld blogger
Features Travel

Hostel vs Hotel?

My Experience With Hostelworld In Iceland Fun fact:  I backpacked around the world to 11 countries in 78 days when I was 25.  And aside from all the sights and cultures I experienced, another amazing thing I gained from the trip was the experience…

November 8, 2017
the milton shoe company canadian luxury mens shoes
Features Outfits

Focus On Greatness

Introducing Men’s Luxury Footwear Brand – The Milton Shoe Company “Focus on greatness” is the motto of newcomer luxury footwear brand The Milton Shoe Company – a slogan that aims to inspire entrepreneurial spirit and motivate modern men.  As a small business owner myself…

August 8, 2017
frenzy app x capsule liberty fairs
Features Tech

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Shopping Exclusive Drops Instantly at Capsule x Liberty Fairs With Frenzy App Featuring Preston Douglas   ·   Sundae School  ·   Openism Wekafore  ·   Secluded  ·   Daniel Patrick Haversack  ·   Arc’teryx Veilance  ·   Band of Outsiders Ne.Sense  ·   Heliot Emil  ·   C2H4…

July 19, 2017