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Summer Sounds

August 22, 2018

rayban beat rayban evolve rayban concert series in montauk

Ray-Ban Concert Series In Montauk

Featuring Ray-Ban

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Worn To Be Wild

August 18, 2018

how to wear a mens printed suit for summer opposuits street style blogger

Summer Suiting for Special Occasions with OppoSuits

Featuring OppoSuits “Shineapple” Suit


Can’t believe I’ve been blogging for almost EIGHT(!!!) years now!  Like any job, it can get tedious at times but the reason I keep doing what I do is because I’m passionate about it and I of course love fashion.  If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, then you’ve definitely seen my style transform over the years but the one thing that’s always been a constant is making fashion fun again!  I’m no stranger to having fun with my outfits – I’ve been known to favor bold prints and bright colors – so when it came time to pack for my most recent getaway, I knew I had to bring my “Shineapple” suit from OppoSuits with me.


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Moving To The Beat

August 8, 2018

mens festival street style looks panorama nyc coachella

Riding Uber to This Summer’s Music Festivals

Featuring Uber

As you probably know by now, I’m a big fan of Uber and they’ve become my preferred mode of transportation for getting where I need to go!  They’re constantly updating their products, policies, and features to ensure safe and improved rides for all their users and that’s one of the reasons I love them!  This summer I’ve been using Uber a lot as I make my way around NYC, so when it came time to hitting my favorite music festival, I naturally rode with Uber to get there!  Anyone that’s been to a music festival before surely knows it can sometimes be a hassle to get there and back, so that’s why I’m going to share with you my experience to showcase how Uber helped me get to the festival safely and easily!

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Orange Is The New Black

July 26, 2018

how to wear orange guys street style blogger

How To Style Summer’s Hottest Color – Orange

Champion Trackpants  //  Stella McCartney Shirt //  Adidas by Raf Simons Replicant Ozweego Sneakers

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Uber Presents: Da Republic Of Brooklyn

July 25, 2018

uber presents da republic of brooklyn a spike lee joint

Stories Driven By Hustle

Featuring Uber

If you guys haven’t heard yet, Uber just launched a new short film series called Uber Presents: Da Republic of Brooklyn, a Spike Lee joint, which you can watch on  The series showcases how 5 Brooklynite Uber driver-partners are chasing their dreams in the Big Apple with the help of Uber.  Like a lot of people that move to New York with big ambitions, they’re hustling to pay the bills while still pursuing their side hustles.  Whether it’s acting, singing, owning a hair salon, or whatever their goals may be, being an Uber driver-partner allows them the freedom to create their own schedule while making money to help them realize their goals.
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