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January 2, 2019

How To Incorporate the Snakeskin Trend into Your Wardrobe

Animal prints are not a new trend in fashion but what is new this year is the type of animal print that’s trending! While cheetah and leopard prints have always been around, snakeskin seems to be taking over recently as the popular print of the season. A quick scroll through Instagram, and you’ll undoubtedly spot some of the trend. Whether it’s a subtle snakeskin belt or pair of boots, or a more flashy pair of pants or jacket, there’s no shortage of options available if you want in on this trend. Click through to see how I incorporated this trend into my outfits and some of my favorite snakeskin pieces of this season!

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4 Men’s Outfit Ideas for New Year’s Eve

December 23, 2018

So You Can Ring in 2019 in Style!

Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, you’ve already managed to get your Christmas gifts sorted and now all that’s left is figuring out your New Year’s Eve plans. Every year I swear that I’m not going to make a big fuss about the holiday but without fail I always do! This year however I’ve made my plans well in advance and even have MULTIPLE ideas in mind for what I’m going to wear. It’s not rocket science, but by the time you reach the last day of the year your brain is usually fried from closing out projects at work and a month long of holiday celebrations so sometimes you just don’t have the mental capacity to figure out an outfit. Whether you wanna go classic, trendy, or a little flashy, I’ve rounded up 4 simple(ish) outfits that will definitely give you some inspo for New Year’s Eve.

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Winter Boots With Style & Functionality

December 20, 2018

Introducing the Sperry Cold Bay Duck Boot

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We’re Going To Disney World!

November 26, 2018

The Most Magical Place On Earth Is Even More Magical During The Holidays

Earlier this month I had the wonderful pleasure of experiencing the best that Disney has to offer during a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.  Now it might seem odd for an adult with no kids to visit Disney on his own, but let me assure you that it wasn’t weird at all!  I’ve visited Disney when I was 10 years old with my family and now coming back as an adult I can attest that all the magic that was there as a kid was still present as an adult… and maybe with some added perks!

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Celebrating Diwali with Uber’s Asian Heritage ERG

November 14, 2018

uber asian heritage erg diwali celebration

Featuring Uber

Sometimes I forget that Uber is more than an app. It’s a company, too, made up of people from all walks of life, and my recent trip to the Uber offices in Pittsburgh, PA reminded me of just that!

Now one of the reasons I continue to partner with Uber, is not only the excellent services they provide to their customers, but also their company culture – especially when it comes to their commitment to diversity and inclusion among their employees. On my trip to the Uber offices in Pittsburgh, I got to see that commitment firsthand as I was welcomed by Uber’s Asian Heritage Employee Resource Group (ERG) to join in on an office wide Diwali celebration.

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